Facebook’s Libra – A New Economic Vision?

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Libra is a digital Facebook currency platform that is expected to be launched this year, in 2020. Libras’ main objective is to help millions of individuals in the globe to do cash transactions online in a simple, secure, and affordable way. Libra will enable people who cannot access bank accounts to send and receive money to and from other individuals. This new upcoming digital currency will help people transact money from any part of the globe in a simple way as sending a text message.


How to access Libra.

Technology in this current world we are living in has been improving and changing day in and day out. Therefore, people have wondered how they will access Libra and start enjoying the service on this platform. However, with Libra, things have been made easier and convenient for you, since they have come up with a digital currency known as cryptocurrency. The only thing you will be required is a smartphone, and to download the cryptocurrency app, create your account and sign in. For you to enjoy this service, ensure you are in place with an internet connection. Once you follow this step, you will be updated about new developments happening in the cryptocurrency.


How to use Libra.

It is essential to know how to use Libra in advance as an individual without depending on another person since it is good to keep your financial transaction confidential. With the cryptocurrency in your phone, you need to download a digital wallet known as “Calibra” and which will be available in smartphone apps such as “Whatsapp” and “Messenger”.


When to use Libra.

This is a question many people have been asking themselves when it comes to the use of Libra. However, Libra is coming to reduce the trend of paying services and goods in cash and move to the modern world of technology. With Libra, people will be able to pay for products and services such as transport, insurance, accommodation. Other companies and institutions in the world will induct and encourage their clients to use Libra once it launches.


Benefits of Libra.

It is a dream of every person to carry out business and conveniently pay for their bills without making long queues in the bank. It is very devastating for a person to waste a lot of time seated on the benches in a bank waiting to be served using the manual methods. Therefore, Libra will end these scenarios of regular visiting the bank; hence it will save you time. The following are the top benefits of Libra:

1.   Easy accessibility.

This is one of the incredible benefits that all people in the world will enjoy. This is because to access Libra; you will only require a smartphone and an internet connection; hence you will do all financial transactions at the palm of your hand. It is vital to remember that Libra will charge affordable transaction costs, unlike other apps that demand high transaction charges.

2.  It is steady.

Many people across the world have encountered losses and frustration when they invest their finances in some online platforms, and after a few years, they collapse. However, with Libra, you do not need to be nervous, since Libra has a reserve and it will remain firm all along.

3.  It is worldwide.

Many people get challenges when sending cash to their loved ones who live in other countries. Sometimes they are demanded to use long and complicated processes that consume a lot of time. However, with Libra, all these struggles will come to an end soon because it will allow people to transact their money within their respective country borders and internationally. This will help to promote the growth of businesses all over the world

4.  It is convenient and secure.

Libra is designed in a way that the transaction will be convenient, secure, and instant. Therefore, with Libra, you will not wait for weeks to receive or send money; also, the payment will be safe. There will be modern technology that will be applied to fight the crime of money fraud. The use of automated systems will be incorporated in Libra, for this will help to monitor all the activities happening in this app.


In conclusion, Libra has come to solve problems that people have been facing when using typical cash transfer methods.

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