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How can I get in touch with you?

You can reach us every day around the clock by email, phone or via the live chat on our home page. Choose the method you like and do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance request. For more details, please see our Contact Us Page.

How can I update my account details?

You can modify your details by logging in your account and selecting ‘Personal Information’. Fill the fields and select ‘Update Details’ to apply and save the changes. For any doubt you may have please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the various channels listed in the Contact Us Page.

What to do in case I forget my password?

If you happen to forget your password you can easily solve the issue by visiting our website, selecting the log-in option and click on ‘Forgot your password’. You will then have to input your email address and click ‘Apply’. We will shortly email you with a link to reset your CMarkets Group password. Should you have any question about this procedure please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to download a software to trade with CMarkets Group?

You don’t need any third-party software to begin trading. CMarkets Group software is web-based; this means you will be able to begin trading immediately.

Where is my trading history?

One of the advantages of using online platform is the fact that every single of your trades is permanently saved and you can consult the list in any moment. You just have to log in and access the ‘My Account’ page. From there you will easily find all the options and filters to find the trade you are looking for. For any questions about this section do not hesitate to contact us for further help.

Where can I find quotes on an asset I want to trade?

Should you be looking for a particular asset, please head to the Asset Index page where you will find all the information about our catalogue of assets. If you need more assistance on the topic, feel free to contact us via any channel.

What time zone is CMarkets Group operating in?

Our platform operated in GMT+0. In any case, users can set the trading time to their personal time zone of choice.

How do I know the direction an asset price is moving to?

Trades are color coded in our platform; this means that green indicates prices that are increasing while red indicates decreasing ones.

How online trading actually works?

It is really pretty easy. Online traders choose the direction the price of the asset will move in their opinion, that is if the price will go up or down. Correct forecasts will yield profits whose amount is established on the sum invested.

What is actually traded on online trading?

CMarkets Group sports a wide catalogue of indices, currencies, commodities, stocks and above all, cryptocurrencies for you to pick and choose your next investment!

What is the maximum amount that I can invest?

CMarkets Group allows for a maximum of 2500 units of the currency you choose as the standard one in your account. If you’d like to invest more than that please contact us, and we may be in a position to accept a higher investment.

Which currencies I can use to fund my account?

CMarkets Group accepts the following currencies: AUD, GBP, EUR and USD. Please note that once you have chosen a currency you cannot change it afterward.

Is a deposit mandatory to start trading?

Funds are not needed to open and activate an account. But to trade you will have to fund your account.

What is the minimum sum to open an account?

The minimum amount needed is 250.00 units of the currency you selected when creating your profile (EUR, AUD, GBP or EUR).

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal sum allowed is 50 (fifty) units of the currency you chose at the moment of setting up your account with CMarkets Group (USD, GBP, AUD or EUR).

What is the banking information that I need to execute a withdrawal?

In order to withdraw money from your account you need to submit: the complete name of the bank account holder, the number of the account, the bank’s SWIFT code and the physical address of the institution. Please note that the SWIFT code is a unique code of letters and numbers that is needed to move funds between bank accounts. In order to obtain your correct SWIFT code, you should refer to your bank’s support department.

How do I cancel a withdrawal?

Before the withdrawal is completed, please send our support department a message requesting to cancel the withdrawal. Any means of communication is accepted (please consult the Contact us Page).

Are wire transfers accepted to move money into my account?

Wire transfers are accepted by CMarkets Group. The minimum amount accepted with this method is 500 units of the currency chosen (USD, GBP, AUD or EUR). The wire transfer will be processed in 3-5 business days. If you have any doubt or question on this matter, please feel free to contact our support department.

What methods I can use to deposit or withdraw funds?

CMarkets Group has two easy and secure ways to move money to and from your account. You may use credit and debit cards and/or you may make a wire transfer from your bank account.

How do I deposit or withdraw money to and from my account with CMarkets Group?

In order to do these operations your account has to be already funded. Also, the KYC procedure must be completed, and both your identity and the account must be fully verified by our compliance department. In order to do this, you have to follow the instruction of our KYC procedure and send us all the requested documents, in the form requested. For any doubt or help in this process you are welcome to get in touch with us through the usual channels (Contact Us Page).

The rates are always changing. Is this right?

The prices are live on our platform as they are generated on the markets all around the world. These movements reflect the actual flow of trading on world markets.

I cannot place a trade, what is the reason?

The reason for this can either be that the asset you are trying to trade is not yet available, or you don’t have enough funds. If you have any doubt about these issues, feel free to contact us.

We do not open accounts for UAE residents