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There are no restrictions on trader funds meaning you can request to withdraw any amount at any time without being penalized.

All withdrawals are due to a standard withdrawal fee centering on the selected withdrawal manner and amount, as stated in our Terms & Conditions.

The average wait time for approval of a withdrawal request is 7-15 business days. The days may seem many but it’s because banks take time to process a request.

You can withdraw via wire transfer or credit card. However, you don’t just withdraw, you must first contact your account manager for manual review your withdrawal request.

All funds withdrawn are sent to your named account through electric transfer means. If for any reason you fail to turn over these funds, they will be transferred back to the same card- this doesn’t apply to wire transfers. Note however that the funds can only be transferred to an account that holds the same name as your trading name. No transfers can be made to a third party’s bank account.

Withdrawals are automatically canceled if your account balance falls below the one stated in the statements you submit at the beginning of your withdrawal process.

Pending bonuses, if any, are automatically canceled if you make a withdrawal request and the request gets to be approved Withdrawal methods basically, there are two withdrawal methods you can use: the credit card method and wire transfer method.


To withdraw, you must contact your account manager:

Each request is personally checked by one of the account managers to check what is the reason for the withdrawal, once approved it will be sent to the finance department instantly for processing.

Your withdrawal will be processed and will be sent back to the same method you used for deposit, for example, if you used a credit card for deposit you will receive your funds back to your credit card, for wire transfer you will have to provide again to the account agent bank wire information for withdrawal, only bank account on clients name will be approved for withdrawal.

We do not open accounts for UAE residents